We miss you, Sex!

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Bitch 1 echoes: Someone rightly said that we should quit bitching and let her die in peace. But whoa! Not us! Cause we sure still belong to the genre where we are ‘oh so confused’ about our waist line and the grouchy lot of flab that looks like undone clay stuck on our back. Ooh.. Some potter sure did miss the shape.


Voila.. The sad part is that the potter was the rotten hungry dog within me.. I agree.. I agree..

And I accept it.. I do!!  Oh ya..


Well now you must be wondering why am telling you this. Cause you so miss seeing the pea inside your brain. Because neither does it allows me to call you a pea head nor call u a sensible male. The potter sure missed the claim.. But that does not make me a monstrous ogre hidden under layers of sensible fluidy nothings which kicks us out of the way missing pleasure.  Ahem! Well you know wat gal! What I feel bad about. Here was this girl I had this eternal piece of conversation with. And bet on me..! She was smart to look at. That I just was confused for a second whether I was straight or not. Oh my god! Such beauty. But the first not so dainty giggle on someone holding out the hand to her for a handshake sure did bring me back to my senses. I guess it would have better if she had a PRO hired to cursorily censor the conversation she had with others.


Ooh I am better off with the guys.


But then, Holy cow! Where are all the men? At least the perfectly manicured brains! Ooh they just don’t seem to see beyond the thick lustrous 36’s and the toned dumb toes. Oh gimme a break. If you still are the kind who missed the shine in your girls eyes cause she had so ‘not so purposefully’ invited a little flab or the ones who just run around tightening the loosened bolts of half-made doors.! Oh bloody! Go get a life.! But then presto! The one who said to quit ditching and let her die in peace, still reminds me off the phrase Oh I miss you, sex! Grrr!! Maybe I should get my feelings henpecked.



Bitch 2 echoes: Ok. I accept it. I am overweight. I have a few extra kilos lodged at all the wrong parts. And I wear size 16 t-shirts and my waist size is 36. So? Does that mean that I am a monster hidden under all that, well, fat!! No I’m not!! But who would understand that. After all, this world is full of half-brained sexomaniacs who look at a girl’s boobs first and then decide if she is good to go with or not! And it so, oh so so so sucks! I mean, hello! Half of the females with the perfect body and face are, like, dunder-headed bimbos who can’t tell the difference between a pen and a dick! And yet the so called studs happily wag their tails and run amock around these “dhabbas” on females.And what do they think when they see a generously built female? “She is probably hungry at all times” “Half of my salary would go in buying her food supply”. Ha ha ha. Very funny.

They don’t see the twinkle in her eyes. Neither do they sense the happiness in her demeanor!

But what the hell! Who cares about those nut-cases any way? The next time I come aross these “lower beings”, I shall just look right through them. Or better still, I shall just sit on them and crush them to death!!





Hellow hatebook,

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The first day that we have set our feet in this liberated zone of the empire. Oh such a golden news! At least for us. We are not here to hate! But then we love being in this ‘glitter ditch’. Glitter ditch of life. Mind you. We have lots more to tell you. And so from date we paint you with the evil, royal blood of the heartless bitches. And any kind of slurring and swearing is totally not regretted. And if you feel so you are requested to spill your excitement elsewhere the ‘shriek oh scream way’. Cause we have been sanctified with the ‘oh we give a damn’ class. And u numb gals who want to join the club. Sure do not forget to ask for a post..even if you do to fart!
So if you do more than one thing tonight.
Hail thy bitchiness!